7-1-15 Midweek Update

ABCs of Life Change

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How many times have you heard someone promise that something would change your life?

Maybe they were selling you a product or challenging you to buy their book.  If only you tried this. If only you would buy that.  If only you ate this. If only you would drink that.  We are inundated with infomercials that promise life change.  You probably have even heard me preach from the pulpit that if you would only do (fill in the blank) your life would change forever.   I imagine there is something in each of our lives we would like to change.  I know that is true with myself personally.  We know that Jesus changes lives. Every true born again believer understands about the immediate transformation that takes place once you trust Jesus. But most change happens over time, and often times it happens over a lifetime.

Paul tells us in Romans that change happens with the renewing of our minds. What we truly believe really does matter.  True beliefs translate into actions, and over time those actions translate into life change.  Maybe that’s why when you first learned how to tie your shoes all by yourself, it was such a big deal.  Do you remember when you first learned how to say your ABC’s all by yourself?  My life changed overnight with that accomplishment!  I felt I could do anything and everything!  Learning as a kid is captivating and addicting, it’s a shame that as we get older we lose the excitement of learning.

Beginning on July 6th, I will introduce a brand new sermon series entitled “The ABC’s of Life Change.”  The idea came from my good friend and mentor Dr. James Reeves who wrote the book, “The ABC’s of Life Change” and “Life Change for Couples.”  These books will actually be our base curriculum for our foundational class for our freedom groups that we will begin to offer this coming fall. Each letter, A – J represents one of 10 major steps needed in order to bring about true change in a person’s life.  Whether it is overcoming addiction, an attitude, a lifestyle or anything that hinders a person from being the person God wants them to be, we will discover what God says about how to have true change.

Each of these steps are rooted in scripture and can be found throughout the Bible.  You won’t want to miss a single message in this series because each step builds upon the other!  The good news is, if you do have to miss you can catch up on our podcast that usually is posted on our website the next day.

We have been talking quite a bit about becoming a safe place. We want to be a safe place for people who are hurting and we want to provide a safe process to help them become completely healed, but before we can become a safe place for them, we need to make certain we are in a safe place ourselves. What do they tell you to do if you are on an airplane and the oxygen masks are dispersed?  That’s right, first put on your mask, and then put it on your child.  Why? They don’t want you passing out before you can save someone who is dependent upon you!  Meaning…we all need safe places.

I look forward to our journey together through the alphabet as we seek safety and healing in His arms allowing Him to help us toward true life change.


It is my honor and privilege to be your pastor.

Until the whole world hears,

Pastor Scott


6-24-15 Midweek Update


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